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About Me

Hi, I'm Sam I have been a DJ around 15 years at many venues around Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk and music is my main passion. 

I hope to be able to share that passion with you and make your day special and bespoke to you.

I believe that your wedding is unique and I believe in treating you and your wedding with the respect and the attention to detail you deserve.

I do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach to your wedding. That is why I offer to bespoke my services to your requirements and this all starts from the moment you book with me.


The price I quote will be the price you pay and No Hidden Charges!


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With my experience I can cater to yours and your guests music taste to make your Day/Evening bespoke and one to remember. 


Throughout the years I have collected a vast array of music from 70s,80s,90s,00s and the latest chart toppers. I like to play kisstory style music when required but also being able to adapt to any age from children to the older generation and keep them entertained.


On the 26th of March 2020 my beautiful daughter Isla Rose was born unexpectedly at home in our bath in the breech position. Luckily she was born without complication. I count myself as the luckiest person and enjoy being a new father to my little princess. 

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I believe that being on time is late. I like to be early so everything runs smoothly and you have one less thing to worry about.


Dressed to Impress

Everyone has made a big effort for you special day it would be only fitting that I also look the part, so expect myself to be well presented also.



I know that preparations can take a year or more, and arrangements can change in that time. I am here to talk anytime to ensure your big day goes exactly how you want.

PLI - (Public Liability Insurance)

Most venues require PLI and all DJs should have this certificate. My PLI covers up to £10million.

This is for you and your guests safety on the day so you are in safe hands.

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PAT - (Portable Appliance Testing)

Portable appliance testing is the name of a process in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland,  by which electrical appliances are routinely checked for safety. All of my equipment is PAT tested every year to ensure safety and again most venues require this.

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Sound / Lighting / DJ Stand 



Here you can see the impact that uplighter's have on a venue.

I use LED par can fixtures exclusively (these won’t burn curious children) and generally place them against the wall, aiming up along the wall.

They can be programmed to roll between colours according to the music or to stay on a single static colour.

Sometimes you might alternate between two different colours (one colour blue, one pink for example), depending on the client’s wishes. These are used to accentuate wall space and room architecture. More lights give you a dramatic look and less lights accent a room nicely. When lighting is done correctly it will stir the emotions or add that finished touch to your perfectly created room.


Another accent to uplighting is Pin-Spotting, used to highlight specific items such as the wedding cakes, ice sculptures, table centrepieces etc. Photographers especially love this as it makes the shot “jump off the page”. I'm happy to custom-design any arrangement you might want.

FBT - Line Array Sound System

This sound system is state of the art, it provides an amazing sound quality for any speeches and the music for the evenings entertainment. That coupled with the fact they are white makes them blend in well with the decor of most weddings, unlike black speakers which can look out of place.

Bespoke Ivory Rose Flower wall DJ booth & Heart

This Dj booth is new for 2020, it's a sylish and completely original custom design. Bringing a touch of class to your wedding this DJ booth can be requested for your booking tohelp make the decor of the venue perfect.

DJ Booths

hearts dj booth.jpg

I have several different choices to fit every occasion. The hearts booth is very different to most but very popular with weddings along with the white booth.

The black booth is very popular for corporate events.

white dj booth.jpg

 Rustic DJ booth

This Dj booth is alos new for 2020. The rustic look is complimented by the Mr & Mrs lettering. This can be changed to say whatever you want for a small fee, making your wedding bespoke to you.


 Corporate DJ booth

This DJ booth can be in white or black and has a very sleek professinal style that can suit any corpaprate venue.

The main advatage of this booth is that it can fit in small spaces if required.