Decorative Wedding items

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience and naturally you want it to be the best day of your lives. It can be the smallest of details that can make all the difference to your big day, making your day stand out from the crowd, your day being remembered as exquisite, not just the same as everyone else’s, even forgettable.

Here are some decorative wedding items to help make your wedding bespoke.

Post Boxes

post boxes black bkrd.jpg

Congratulations! You have your big day set, your venue booked, colour scheme chosen and wedding dress and suits organised, you’ve chosen your first dance but maybe you’ve not put yourself in the shoes of your guests who will more than likely arrive at your beautiful venue clutching a valuable envelope, their wedding gift card.

So you’ve found yourself asking a few questions and looking for wedding card box ideas.

Red Post Box

This traditional post box has a personalised front panel which you can keep as a keepsake of your special day.


White Post Box

This post box has a personalised front panel which you can keep as a keepsake of your special day, just like the red one.

Rustic Post Box

Keep your wedding cards, gift vouchers and money stored together in this stunning rustic post box. Perfect for any barn, rustic or festival themed party or celebration. The rustic post box is handmade from reclaimed wood and is finished with a coat of Danish oil to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. The wooden post box measure 26cm wide x 22cm deep x 43cm high.



Display Ladder

Use this display Ladder in several different ways to decorate your venue. either put it in a corner to add that wow factor or on the entrance with photographs of family on.

Its the attention to detail that really makes a wedding so this addItion can make all the difference.

A popular use is a commemortive stand holding pictures of loved ones not able to make your special day.




Up lighting


Wedding lighting is undoubtedly one of the most underrated elements. It sets the overall mood for your wedding and allows you to show off all the pretty details you’ve spent months thinking about. Plus, you’ll want your guests to be able to properly enjoy their food and the dance floor, and you’ll want your photos to be exquisite. You can’t do any of those things with poor or insufficient lighting! 

As our LED uplighters produce very little heat they can be used close to drapes and fabrics and can be used to accentuate backdrops and drapes or other fabrics and furnishings within your venue.

We have a range of equipment available including wired and wireless uplighting options.