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Bespoke Rose Flower DJ Booth




So I decided to be a bit different in the mobile DJ business because it is a very flooded market. I thought I wanted something that you couldn't just buy off the shelf and is a bit different. I looked around various venues and wedding fairs for inspiration. I found that Flower walls are very popular and I wanted to incorperate the idea into my DJ booth. Now this is where the journey began, it sounds very simple but you have to consider; what flowers, what colours, price, quality, fixings and more.

When designing a bespoke item of any kind there are generally no pictures to see what the different styles would achieve. But I decided to have a search online for some inspiration anyway. Nothing I could find would come close to ideas I had floating around in my head.

Empty DJ stand without bespoke cover

I started with a couple of colour ideas, neutral colours I found to be best to fit most weddings as this is how most brides and grooms dress their venues. So really and truly this narrowed it down to white, Ivory, lilac or pink. Searching around online again I looked into other designs I found of walls and the flowers that were used ie Hydrangeas, roses, cherry vines or cherry vines and more. So with this I had to look at the flower and colour combinations. The final decision was that I required a White or Ivory rose DJ booth.

So I contacted a local flower wall company to help me in my quest for originality. I was suggested County Flower Walls in Colchester which was handy as they are very close by. I gave them the dimensions of my booth with my rough budget, the flower and colour. Also remembering that the booth had to be assembled and re-assembled for each wedding, also the flowers had to be artificial but not look artificial.

Front Corner of DJ Booth With the Roses Ivory cover.

I think as you can see it is very beautiful and a total one off. I am happy to be bringing this to the weddings and seeing the brides and grooms feedback on the bespoke booth. Next I have more ideas in ways I can continue to be original in my sector.

Behind the Scenes of the bespoke DJ Booth

See the video showing how quick and easy the flower wall DJ booth goes together...

To the right is my view from behind the DJ booth..

I hope you like it! If you want any more information please get in touch.


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