Spotify Playlists


Why use Spotify??

Spotify can be used as a great tool to create your perfect playlist. Whether it is for a wedding, corporate event or party spotify can help. With an ever updating, vast array of music, spotify is one of the largest streaming platforms therefore its an amazing tool to utilise. 

How will Spotify help me on my special occasion?

Great question! If you have a song list that you wish to have played at your occasion then I create a list with your dedicated name on it. This allows me to see this list and play them on your event, the bonus of spoitfy is that it gives you suggestions of tracks when you add a track. Therefore its a clever database that is forever leaning your taste.

Great! How do I begin?

Below is a link to DJ SAMUEL HANNs Spotify, click follow!! Here there are examples of various track lists from previous customers for your inspiration. (I have also attached some lists below).

Once you have a booking with me, if you would like a playlist then mention it and I will create your personlised list. Don't worry if you don't have many tracks, I will fill the rest of the night with perfect music to get your to night go off with a bang!


Spotify Playlists for Inspiration

Wedding Classics

Wedding First Dance


Wedding RnB Style

Wedding Cheese

Wedding Party Music