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Dancing On a Cloud
(Dry Ice)

  • 4 to 6 minute effect

  • Won't set off fire alarms

  • Stays Low Level

  • Wow Factor


Dry Ice  - Dancing On a Cloud

We are always looking at ways to help our Brides and Grooms during their first dance, one of the most subtle and romantic ways is the ‘Dancing on Clouds’ effect.

We use real dry ice to make a cloud that will stay low to the dance floor to create a look that will make your wedding guests go “Wow!”. If you have ever watched TV Shows like X-Factor or the  Britain’s Got Talent you will have seen this effect and we use the same machine to make your wedding look amazing.

Another bonus of using dry ice is it will not effect the fire alarms in your venue meaning you can use this at ANY venue.

The whole effect will last from 4 to 6 minutes so it will cover your whole first dance.

dry ice
dancing on a cloud
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