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Vintage Pod Essex

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  • Photos,Boomerangs, GIFs, Videos

  • Instant share to devices

  • Props



Vintage pod

Vintage Pod Hire Essex

Use this beautiful bespoke Vintage Pod Essex to share your day with friends and family onto social media.

This Digital service allows you to send the images and videos directly to your device, whether it is a Video, GIF, Photo or Boomerang.

This photo booth pod fits in with Rustic venues like barns and tipis perfectly.


The Vintage Photobooth can be hired from 3 hours to a maximum of 5 hours(midnight latest).


You will also be sent all of the media after the event to treasure the images of your special day.


Ultimate Package

  • 2 Sets Of Unlimited Instant High Quality Personalised Prints (1 Set For Your Guest To Take Home, 1 Set For Your Guest Book).

  •  Guest Book.

  •  High Quality Props (quirky hats, wacky wigs, etc.).

  •  3 Hour Hire.

  •  We Send You All The images The Booth captures.

  •  Public Liability Insurance.

  •  Friendly Attendant.

  • Backdrop (see backdrop section).


The Pod screens can be customised with differnet themes whether for a wedding,

birthday or party or easily set your own background image, font, and colors to

keep with your event's theme. 


Glam Booth

 A very popular choice is the Glam Booth with is black and white photos with the white backdrop, also known as the Kardashian Booth. (see Ultimate Package)

glam booth

Photo, GIF, Boomerang, Video

Let guests choose from creating a photo, GIF, boomerang or video. You can also add customizable overlays as well as pre-roll and post-roll videos.


High Quality Props

Great fun for all of the family with several funny props from hats to wigs making each

experience different.


Add High Quality Prints

From £100


  • 2x prints (1 for guest, 1 for Guestbook)

  • Rustic style Guest book to match the theme included

  • Printed using the latest dye sublimation printer for high quality prints

photo booth backdrop

Add a Premium Backdrop

From £80

Three choices availble currently:

  • White Chesterfield (also known as pilloe case)

  • Rustic Wood

  • Plain White (for GLAM style photos)


Ultimate Package

From £449

Package Includes :

  • HIgh quality props

  • Trained attendant

  • Guest book (rustic style)

  • A choice of 3 backdrops (see above fore choices)

  • 3 hour hire and prints ( 1 for guest 1, for guest book)

horse head
guest book

The Importance of a Rustic Photo Booth at a Wedding

Introduction! - The rise in popularity of photo booths at weddings. - The unique charm and appeal of a rustic photo booth. - The importance of creating lasting memories for the couple and their guests. Adding a Rustic Touch: Enhancing the Wedding Theme! - Creating a cohesive and visually appealing wedding theme. - Incorporating rustic elements into the photo booth design. - Using natural materials such as wood. - Enhancing the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of the wedding. Creating Fun and Entertainment: An Interactive Experience! - Providing entertainment for guests of all ages. - Encouraging guests to let loose and have fun. - Offering a unique and interactive experience. - Allowing guests to express their creativity and personality. Capturing the Joy and Laughter: Preserving Moments in Time! - Documenting the joy and laughter of the wedding celebration. - Capturing candid and spontaneous moments. - Creating memories that can be cherished for years to come. - Providing a tangible memento for the couple and their guests. A Source of Entertainment: Keeping Guests Engaged! - Providing a fun activity for guests during downtime. - Keeping guests engaged and entertained throughout the event. - Serving as a conversation starter and icebreaker. - Encouraging guests to mingle and interact with one another. Encouraging Guest Participation: Building a Sense of Community! - Encouraging guests to participate in the photo booth experience. - Allowing guests to create their own memories and take home a keepsake. - Building a sense of community and shared experience among guests. - Creating a bond and connection among family and friends. Customization and Personalization: Reflecting the Couple's Style! - Customizing the photo booth to match the couple's style and preferences. - Incorporating props and backdrops. - Allowing the couple to showcase their unique love story. - Adding a personal touch to the wedding celebration. Sharing and Social Media: Extending the Reach of the Wedding! - Allowing guests to share their photos on social media. - Creating a buzz and excitement around the wedding. - Extending the reach of the wedding beyond the guests in attendance. - Allowing friends and family who couldn't attend to still be part of the celebration. Creating Lasting Memories: A Unique Keepsake! - Providing guests with a physical copy of their photo. - Creating a lasting memento of the wedding celebration. - Allowing guests to relive the memories and emotions of the day. - Building a collection of photos that can be treasured for a lifetime. Conclusion! - The importance of a rustic photo booth at a wedding. - Enhancing the wedding theme and atmosphere. - Providing entertainment and keeping guests engaged. - Preserving moments in time and capturing joy and laughter. - Encouraging guest participation and building a sense of community. - Reflecting the couple's style and personalizing the experience. - Extending the reach of the wedding through sharing on social media. - Creating a unique keepsake and lasting memories for all involved. - Investing in a rustic photo booth as a valuable addition to any wedding celebration.


Add 4ft Letters to your package

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If you have any questions or want to book, contact me below

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