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DJ & Sax in Essex

  • Interactive with the crowd using wireless mic

  • Combination of Live music over the DJ set

  • Versatility in music genres

  • Work together all the time




Where to start….Sam was amazing from the moment he said he could do the wedding on our selected dates, right up until the last dance of the evening !! He made everything easy and stress free, and on the wedding day put on an amazing show for all of our guest which was faultless !! We can’t thank you enough for keeping everyone entertained on our special day !! Sam and Lisa.


DJ & Sax Duo in Essex

Looking to add a unique and unforgettable element to your wedding reception that will elevate the energy and get your guests moving?

Look no further than our live saxophone player!

With their expert skills and improvisation abilities, they will take your party to the next level and keep the dance floor packed all night long.

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Essex Wedding Sax Players

Elegance and Sophistication: The Saxophone's Impact! - Adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the wedding celebration. - The soulful sound of the saxophone evoking deep emotions. - Incorporating live music into the DJ's set for a unique ambiance. - The sax player's ability to improvise and adapt to the DJ's music. - Keeping the guests engaged and entertained throughout the evening. Interaction with the Crowd: A Game-Changer! - The use of wireless microphones on the saxophone. - Moving freely among the guests, creating an intimate and interactive experience. - Serenading the couple during their first dance. - Walking among the tables during dinner, creating a personal connection. - Taking requests from the crowd, making everyone feel involved. Working Together as a Team: Collaboration is Key! - The importance of strong musical chemistry between the DJ and the sax player. - Understanding each other's cues and dynamics. - The DJ setting the foundation with beats and mixes. - The sax player adding depth and emotion to the music. - Constant communication and synchronization for a seamless performance. - Creating magical moments that leave a lasting impression. Versatility in Music Selection: Catering to Diverse Tastes! - The DJ's ability to play a wide range of genres and styles. - The sax player seamlessly blending into different musical landscapes. - Adding a personal touch to each song. - Smooth jazz renditions of classic love ballads. - Upbeat sax solos over dance tracks. - Enhancing the overall atmosphere and keeping energy levels high. A Personalized Touch: Collaboration with the Couple! - Choosing special songs together. - Composing a personalized piece for the first dance. - Adding an extra layer of meaning and emotion to the celebration. - Making the wedding truly unique and memorable. Conclusion! - The importance of a sax player with a DJ at a wedding. - Creating an unforgettable experience through live music. - The interaction with the crowd using a wireless mic on the saxophone. - Working together as a team for a seamless performance. - Versatility in music selection to cater to diverse tastes. - Adding a personalized touch for a truly unique celebration.

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DJ & Sax Events

Our talented saxophonists will join forces with your DJ to create an unforgettable sound that blends seamlessly with your party's music. They will add their unique solos and melodies, using a wireless microphone to interact with you and your guests, bringing the party to life. Your guests will be blown away by the magical collaboration between our DJ, Samuel Hann, and our talented saxophonists. Our performers seamlessly blend electronic beats with live melodies to create a unique sound that will keep your guests dancing all night. The wireless microphone allows the saxophone player to interact with the crowd, making it feel like a truly personalized experience. Whether you are planning a corporate event, wedding, or social gathering, our DJ and Sax package has got you covered with the best DJ and Sax Duo in Essex. Our performers take pride in creating a customized setlist that reflects the mood and theme of your event. Their energy and enthusiasm are infectious, leaving your guests with a sense of awe and wonder. Transform your event in Essex into a night to remember with our DJ and Sax package. With their unmatched musical talent and endless charisma, our performers are sure to elevate your event to the next level.

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